July 13, 2020

A recap of season 10

The 10th season of School for Young Physicists was the most successful of all time. The average attendance was the highest ever – around 300 students each session and one of the sessions had the highest evaluation given by students of all ten seasons.
In the second part of the season we covered topics like electronics, sound and acoustics, material physics, quantum physics. And in these sessions, we learned how computers detect and fix errors in digital data, how to build an amphitheater with great acoustics and how we find composite materials. In the in-house experimental sessions, we looked at some interesting circuit designs, measured frequency of a vibrating rubber band and tested the strength of chocolate composite materials.

Despite the difficulties the Covid pandemic caused, we were able to conduct the last two sessions online through Youtube lectures, which can be seen on our Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_V5Wzm6Waj6ouyIPyZOj7w/featured). In these lectures we learned about the history and the progression of quantum physics, and about quantum cryptography. And in the last session, which was our anniversary session we had a re-run of the most popular lectures of SYP history, 7 lectures were published.
And in the annual school cup, with 326 points “Fizmatiķi” claimed victory over “Cikliskie Pingvīni” by only 3 points, which was the closest margin of victory of all years the school cup has been held.
We are looking forward to seeing all the amazing and smart students in autumn hopefully in our home The Science House.