January 14, 2020

Season 10 of School for Young Physicists is here

We are happy to have worked already for a decade to bring bits of the wonderful world of physics to schoolchildren eager to learn. Ten years ago, when the first session took place, we could never have imagined such a continued interest both from physics students and schoolchildren, who already have lots do in their studies. We hope this speaks for the quality of the lessons we provide, and we will keep working hard to improve even more.

After summer, it seems people were impatient for some physics as we gathered a record number of schoolchildren on the first lesson of season 10. We had to accommodate a whopping 340 children, which we could thanks to the new location of the faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry of the University of Latvia.

In the first half of season 10 of SYP we touched upon the physics of telecommunication, the mechanisms of climate, the motion of rotation, and lastly cosmology and astrophysics. A couple of experiments in these lessons were very well received. The children created Faraday cages and using them determined the wavelength used by their telephones, and they discovered and exoplanet using real raw astronomical observation data. Additionally to organizing the sessions in the capital Riga, we also regularly visited cities further away from it so that we can bring these lessons to people who can’t make the regular journey to Riga.