January 14, 2021

Sine or Cosine

This year, to better accommodate to the times right now, we have slightly changed the format of our sessions. Instead of a thorough lecture of the sessions subject by a professor or a professional of it, we have added a Q&A session with them. This allows more of a back and forth discussion between the students and the guest. 

Students present question they want to ask them in the sign-up, which gives them time to think of interesting questions to ask. And after we are done with their questions, as an ending question to the Q&A session, we came up with a question of utmost importance:” Sine or cosine”. So far, in the four sessions we have had, cosine has been the preferred trigonometric function and has won with a result of 3:1. I guess it has better and more useful properties than sine, however, lets wait for the next semester and see what the others will say.