July 14, 2021

The end of season 11


The 11th season of School of Young physicists is over. Another year full of interesting physics and fun experiments. In the second half of the season, we had sessions, in which we learned about computer modeling, and how we use math, programming and physics to simulate the reality on the amazing computers. The second one was about units, we explored the SI unit system and the bizarre world of natural units, where we say that the speed of light is equal to the Planck’s constant and both are equal to 1. In the third session we explored the world of biophysics and how physics can explain the deep blue of the morpho butterflies wings, we also looked at the interesting problem of protein folding, and why solving this problem is so important for the future medicine. Then followed the session on energy, where we looked at the types of energy and how they transform into one another, and untangled Albert Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2 and the bizarre outcomes it predicts. And we ended on the Standard model of particle physics. We explored the road of a proton in the particle accelerators from the hydrogen atom to the collisions that helped us discover the Higgs Boson particle. Besides that, we looked at symmetries and why they are so important in theoretical physics and of course dug deep into the Standard model to try to understand what it is.

As I said I would keep you updated on our survey of sin and cosine, I can now officially say  to cosine is the superior trigonometric function, as our Q&A session guests have voted in favor of it in 8 to 1.

This has been another great year of physics, and we are looking forward to the what the next season of SYP will bring.