July 14, 2021

Q&A session with Jeff Wiener


In the last session of this season we had the great opportunity of having Jeff Wiener with us on our Q&A session. Jeff is a staff scientist, managing CERN's national and international teacher programme and conducting physics education research with high school teachers and students. Besides, he is investigating how best to use medical applications of particle physics as a tool for science diplomacy in low- and middle-income countries.

In the Q&A session we discussed, how it is working at CERN, and why there are people working there 24 hours a day, since when the experiments are done, they are running without a stop for a long period of time. He gave us ways how students could start working there. And we talked about the intricacies of working in CERN. One of my favourite stories Jeff talked about was about napkins. In the cafeteria in CERN, a couple of years ago the food providers wanted to stop giving paper napkins, but the scientists at CERN were enraged. The reason for this was because usually during lunch, when they are talking about what they were doing that day and explaining the problems they have come across, it is in these moments that often breakthroughs happen, and the solutions are always written down on these paper napkins. It is said that all of the important ideas are written down on napkins in CERN

We hope to have more brilliant people with us in the Q&A sessions next year as well.