January 14, 2023

Season 13 of School of Young Physicists


We have welcomed 2023 with another School of Young Physicists session.

This year has been a resurgent year for our community, as all restrictions have been lifted, we have experienced a rapid growth in our numbers. In our 13th season, we have had 5 sessions so far. We have covered particle physics, electronics, colour physics, hydrodynamics and engineering physics. In the particle physics session, we explored all things CERN. What it is, what they do and how we can help. And in the practical session, we did our best to try and see muons. We build small cloud chambers from glass jars, which did a surprisingly good job of catching the muon tracks. In October we put on our electronics hats and put ourselves in the role of electronics engineers, we designed and built different kinds of circuit boards. In November we talked colour phyics, how our eyes work and perceive colours. Talked about how the quantum world plays a role in the way we see things. In December we explored the world of hydrodynamics. In the practical part of our session, we studied the Reynolds number and how it describes laminar and turbulent flows and the changes in the flow. In our most recent session, we look at how we build stuff that withstand earthquakes and strong winds. In the practical session, we tried to build earthquake proof towers, some withstood them, but some failed to do that.

We still have 4 more sessions to go this season, and we look forward to bringing physics to the forefront of our society