February 12, 2019

SYP has a new home!

In February, the monthly session of SYP took place in a new place for the first time in nine years. The University of Latvia has built a brand new building called the Science building – it is meant for students of the department of Physics and Mathematics, students of the department of Medicine and a series of scientific institutes. It is a state of the art building, providing a very pleasant upgrade in technical quality to the sessions of SYP.
The inaugural session on the new building dealt with mathematical physics – a challenging topic indeed. However, the new apartments were just in time for a difficult topic like this – large, spacious auditoriums with multiple screens and slidable blackboards allowed for the mentally challenging topics to be covered as well as possible. The final lecture was also a treat – it happened in the conference hall with plenty of space, a large screen and in-built audio systems that the lecturer can use with a microphone to make sure everyone can hear him well.

Another thing was new in this session – our fellow physics students from Lithuania were gracious enough to come over and visit, and also give a lecture in English. This proved to be popular among students, who have a limited exposure to physics education in English.
We are very glad to have a new, modern building to continue our work in. If the smiles of students after the session were any indication, they enjoyed it as well.